Firction testers
Model AN - Inclined Plane method

This instrument measures coefficient of static friction of plastic and paper etc. conforming to JIS P 8147 & ASTM D4521.  The sample is placed on inclined plane, gradually increasing the angle of inclination determining the angle at which the sled starts moving.  Friction Tester, AN incorporates a servomotor to stabilize inclination speed and the angle at which sliding begins and coefficient of static friction μs (tanθ) are digitally displayed.   

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Model TR2 - Plane Friction tester

This instrument measures coefficient of friction of plastic film and paper, etc.  The Coefficient of Static Friction (μS) and Coefficient of Dynamic Friction (μD) are digitally displayed for direct reading.  It is designed to conduct tests according to ISO 8295 and JIS K 7125 for plastic film and JIS P 8147 for paper and can test samples as large as A4 size.  Printer, Software and recorder, etc. are available as option.

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