Texture analysis
Food Texture
Ideal for the testing of a wide range of solid and semi-solid products in the food industry, and other products where sensory factors are vital in consumer acceptance. Measure and control hardness, cohesiveness, viscosity, springiness, adhesiveness, chewiness and gumminess.
TMS-Pilot Precision texture analyzer

Designed specifically for quick and easy texture assessments, the TMS-Pilot provides an affordable solution for texture analysis up to 500 N.

Compact, rugged, and portable, the motorised TMS-Pilot texture analyzer ensures reliable and repeatable test results.


  • Robust bench-top machine – portable and easy to move around
  • Easy-to-use with minimal training – one touch to start test
  • Integrated bellows – protect against ingress
  • Extensive range of probes & fixtures – flexible and versatile
  • ‘Plug and Play’ loadcells – quick and easy to interchange
  • Password protected login – identifies operator for full traceability
  • Unlimted storage of test methods – minimises set-up time
  • Customised test reports – tailor reports of results to your needs

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MultiTest-i Single-column texture analyzer

Advanced software-controlled tensile and compression tester powered by our trusted testing software, Emperor Force.

  • Product and component testing
  • Quality control environments
  • Research and development labs
  • Capacity: 2 N to 5 kN

The single-column range is an ideal bench-top device for product testing applications according to your own test methods.

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MultiTest-dV Motorised texture analyzer

A flexible and easy to use stand-alone motorised texture analyzer.

Ideal for routine quality control in a production or laboratory environment.

  • Texture analysis
  • Product testing
  • Basic materials testing
  • Production line quality control

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