Mechanical Force Gauge
Mechanical Force Gauge
Mechanical force gauges provide a basic and low-cost alternative to digital gauges for simple force measurement applications. Tension, or compression, is indicated by a needle on a dial with a peak-hold function to lock the needle in place for taking maximum load readings
Simple Analogue Force Gauge

A simple solution for basic push and pull tests applied by hand.

Robust mechanical force gauges designed for general tension and compression tests up to 440 N.

Easy-to-use with an analogue dial and needle pointer, to indicate the force applied. The SL range of mechanical force gauges features five models, from 8 N to 440 N. Each has an accuracy of ±2% of full scale, with the dial graduated in both Newtons (N) and pounds (lbf).

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Low-cost Analogue Force Gauge

Compact and lightweight, handheld gauges are an entry-level solution for push and pull testing in the field.

Low-cost analogue force gauges are best suited for occasional simple measurement of tension and compression, up to 30 kgf (60 lbf). The FD and DT range of low-cost mechanical force gauges measure tension and compression with a peak hold function for simple, non-critical force tests.

There is a choice of six push-pull (FD gauges) or six push-only (DT gauges), ranging from 1000 g to 30 kgf depending on your testing requirements. Each gauge is rated to an accuracy of ±2% of full scale.

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Gram Force Gauge

Affordable and easy-to-use, mechanical gram gauges offer a quick and easy solution for measuring very low forces between 1 and 1000 grams-force. Rated to an accuracy of ±2% of full scale

Each gram gauge has a needle with slave pointer for simple peak-hold function, making them suitable for very basic tension and compression tests. The DGD range of gram gauges features seven models, covering forces from 5 gf up to 1000 gf.

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