Torque Instruments
Torque Instruments
Simple and Portable handheld testers for use on the go, requiring minimal training. It is versatile so ideal as the measuring device to be built into your own test rig suitable for a wide range of applications to digitally display applied torque and capture peak values in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. compatible with data collection devices to log and store test results.
VTG Tornado : Touchscreen cap torque tester

The VTG Tornado touchscreen torque tester is portable and IP54 for testing the applied and release torque of a diverse range of products.

Measures up to 10 N.m (90 to capture opening and closing torque of caps/closures intended to be opened by hand.

Record peak readings with a much greater accuracy than analogue torque meters and plot the graph to identify when the bridges of a tamper-evident band are broken. Reach new heights with a simple and cost-effective solution for torque applications.

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